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8 Benefits Of Apartment Complex Cleaning

Considering Hiring A Pressure Washing Company For Your Apartment Complex?

Here are some of the benefits.

Pressure Washing Will Protect The Health Of Your Tenants

The primary reason the exterior surfaces of your apartment complex get “dirty” is because moisture collects on the concrete, siding, and roof. When this moisture doesn’t evaporate fast enough it promotes the grow of organic material such as: moss, algae, and gloeocapsa magma. For some people this can cause a huge health issue. So when you have a company come perform commercial pressure washing for your apartment complex, your tenants can rest assured that they’re health is not in jeopardy.

Attract New Tenants With Apartment Complex Exterior Cleaning

When it comes to requests for apartment complex power washing, the primary reason property managers and building owners alike reach out to us is because a lot of the units are starting to look very dirty. Curb appeal is very important for an apartment complex. More often than not, potential tenants will drive by the building before ever reaching out to the property manger for more information or a tour. What does it say to the potential tenants when they drive by an apartment building covered in dirt? They going to wonder why the apartment complex didn’t take the time to hire a pressure washing company to make sure the property is staying clean.

Apartment Power Washing Can Save Money On Repairs

A lot of our current apartment pressure washing business comes from annual, return business. This is because it is widely known that cleaning the exterior surfaces of your apartment complex clean will save you money in the long run. For example, the biggest contributor we see to apartment complex roof replacements comes from over time water damage. This happens because after it rains, if the weather is not hot enough to evaporate the moisture, it lays on the singles and promotes the grow of moss. Over time as this moss grows it holds moisture, and saturates the roofs of apartment complexes, making them soft.

Increase Value With Apartment Complex Pressure Washing

Just like you wouldn’t sell your car or home without having it cleaned and presentable, the same is true with your apartment complex. Apartment complex power washing can lots of value to your property in comparison to the cost to having it done.

Pressure Washing Other Areas Of Apartment Complexes

We don’t just power wash the roof’s, siding, and windows. We take care of the concrete pathways, the area surrounding the pool, the dumpster areas and so much more. Our goal when we perform apartment complex pressure washing is to increase the curb appeal of the entire property.

No matter what the reason for considering apartment complex pressure washing Midwest Detailing can help. If you have any questions on would like a quote feel free to reach out to us here.