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Do your gutters have black streaks running across them? This happens to do the paint oxidizing with the air. Unfortunately just pressure washing them or using a brush and soap isn’t enough to remove this black streaks.

Here at Midwest we use a specific set of Eco-friendly chemicals to remove those pesky black streaks.

Our gutter cleaning process will leave your gutters looking as new as the day they were put on your house.

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Some Might Call It Gutter Cleaning We Call It Bringing Your Gutters Back To Life

Unlike most of the extrior cleaning services we offer, gutter cleaning takes the most elbow grease, and time.

We have to apply the chemicals we use in small segments, and follow up with a brush to agitate the chemicals to do the work, and finally we rinse them clean.

This process can take an entire day depending on how many linear feet of gutter line that you have.

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Gutter Cleaning

If you are looking for a company to clean your gutters reach out to Midwest! While gutters may be some of the hardest projects to take on when it comes to exterior cleaning, we welcome the challenges. So far we haven't ran into a gutter cleaning project we couldn't handle.
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