Solar water heaters is an efficient way to heat the water for your home.

Everything 4 Pools and Solar offers a variety of solar water heating solutions that allow you to use the sun’s power to provide hot water for your home with great efficiency and low energy costs. Visit our website for more information and see our contact information to make an appointment with us soon.

FAFCO is one of the leading manufacturers of Orlando solar water heaters and it has been the leading source of such products for 40 years now. It currently holds more than 24 patents in the United States, and its products are considered some of the best by swimming pool owners who want to reduce energy and operating costs.

The solar panels are made of polyolefin plastic. The material is designed to prolong the life of the solar panels and protect them from UV damage. There are circular flow channels in each FAFCO panel model for smooth and even distribution of water and heat. All panels are unaffected by weather and wind, and are also resistant to pool chemicals.

FAFCO solar panels are available in three sizes: 4×8, 4×12, and 4×10, and they can be provided in custom lengths for other applications. Licensed FAFCO installation service providers like Everything 4 Pools and Solar recommend the largest panel that can fit on your roof or any other surface that gets direct sun exposure to reduce mounting hardware.

Solar heating is considered the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool. The sun’s heat and energy are free, clean, and renewable, and if you live in Florida, you are sure to get plenty of sun throughout the year. Everything 4 Pools and Solar can tell you more about Orlando solar water heaters. We can provide FAFCO solar panels to you, too. We are authorized to service, replace, and repair FAFCO solar panels throughout Central Florida. Contact us through this website or call 386-532-5418 or 407-927-0652.

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