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Fence and Wood Pressure Washing Services

Fence and Wood Pressure Washing Company

Fence cleaning is one of the most satisfying things to clean. When you get your fence pressure washed, it can make it look brand new again.

The same process is true for any exterior wood surface, decks included.

When we power wash a deck or a fence we use Eco-friendly chemicals to ensure that we do not degrade the integrity of the wood and that we protect the vegetation that surrounds it.

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Do You Need Your Deck Or Fence Pressure Washed? Call The Experts

Have you ever wondered why your deck or fence gets all black and green?

When it rains the wood surfaces outside of your home hold water, and when the heat isn’t high enough to evaporate the water, you are left with a deck or fence that has ideal conditions for organic matter to grow.

When we pressure wash these wood surfaces we not only use high pressure but we use chemicals to remove the growth of this organic matter at its root.

Fence/Deck And Wood Pressure Washing

Fence and Deck Power Washing

Fence power washing can be a tedious task, and an expensive one if you don’t know what you’re doing. Power washing a fence, or any other wood surface takes experience to do right. Not every fence or deck is the same, some are older, some are sealed, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you could potentially ruin your fence or deck.

Midwest Detailing NC has years of experience working with homeowners to provide deck and fence pressure washing services. We have the necessary training and experience to do the job right. We would love the opportunity to give you an estimate on fence and deck power washing!

Fence pressure washing

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Fence Pressure Washing

If you have a privacy fence that you need power washed feel free to reach out to us for a free estimate. Pressure washing a privacy fence is a process that we have mastered over the years to make sure that we clean our customers fences to 100% satisfaction every single time.
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Deck Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your deck has several benefits. You should consider having it done before applying any kind of paint, stain, or sealer to your deck so that all of that moisture doesn't get trapped. Or even if you're just wanting to get rid of the organic matter that is currently growing on your deck we can help out.
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