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Roof Washing in Salisbury NC

Professional Roof Washing Company In Salisbury NC

Most people don’t even think to have their roofs washed. Did you know that you can drastically extend the life of your roof just by getting it cleaned? We take great pride in our roof washing capabilities. We have cleaned hundreds of roofs in the Salisbury area, and want to continue to serve the Salisbury community for years to come.

We consider ourselves to be experts in all types of roof cleaning from asphalt shingles, to metal sheeting.


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Looking For A House Washing Company To Remove Moss And Algae From Your Roof?

What causes black streaks on your roof? How do you get rid of black streaks on your roof?

Very carefully.

Moisture tends to collect on your roof, and when there isn’t enough heat to evaporate it, organic matter starts to grow. Over time this can cause your roof to hold a lot of water eventually leading to damage.

We remove the organic matter from your roof with a soft washing process and eco-friendly chemicals. It is important to never use high pressure on your roof.

Serving The Salisbury and Surrounding Areas

The Roof Washing Company In Salisbury



Asphalt Shingle Cleaning

Do you have an asphalt shingle roof you need to have cleaned in Salisbury? Give us a call, when it comes to asphalt roof washing we are the experts, we use low pressure to remove organic growth from your roof so that we don't cause potential damage.
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Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Cleaning a ceramic tile roof can be a little daunting for some companies, but not us! We have cleaned many homes with this unique style of roofing and have a 100% success rate. When hiring a company to have your ceramic tile roof cleaned be sure to hire the experts.
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Shaker Roof Cleaning

Do you have a cedar style shaker roof? Thinking of having it cleaned? Cleaning a shaker roof is no easy task, as experts we know that it takes completely different chemicals, process, and delicacy when dealing with such a special roof.
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